EMC Storage DD4500 Series

EMC Data Domain Replicator

EMC Data Domain Replicator software provides automated, policy-based, network-efficient and encrypted replication for disaster recovery and multi-site backup consolidation. DD Replicator software asynchronously replicates only the compressed, deduplicated data over the WAN. This reduces daily network bandwidth requirements up to 99% making network-based replication fast, reliable and cost-effective. It is supported on the following EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems:

Data Domain Replicator provides cost-effective, fast, and reliable replication for backup and archive data stored on Data Domain systems. Data Domain Replicator software is:

  • Network-Efficient: Transfers only the compressed, deduplicated data over the WAN, making network-based replication cost-effective, fast, and reliable
  • Safe: Encrypts and decrypts data in-flight when being replicated between Data Domain systems
  • Scalable: Provides logical throughput performance up to 52 TB/hr; Up to 270 Data Domain systems can simultaneously replicate data to a Data Domain system
  • Flexible: Provides multiple replication topologies including full system mirroring, selective, bi-directional, many-to-one, one-to-many, and cascaded

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