EMC Storage DD4500 Series

EMC Data Protection Advisor Software

Improve recovery confidence and manage service levels with EMC’s powerful data protection management software.
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With Data Protection Advisor, you’ll be able to unify and automate monitoring, analysis and reporting across backup and recovery environments while reducing complexity, lowering costs, and eliminating manual efforts.

  • Increase visibility: Data Protection Advisor provides real-time protection assurance as environments change. It offers comprehensive, end-to-end data protection environment visibility in a single, unified product.
  • Reduce costs: Consolidate information enterprise-wide to reduce administrative efforts, accelerate problem resolution, and forecast resource and capacity planning.
  • Prove protection: Understand potential risks and data protection strategy exposures across multiple backup products and replication technologies so applications are recoverable and data is safe.
  • Lessen complexity: Use an automated, unified approach to managing the data protection environment, greatly simplifying the monitoring process and tuning the environment to maximize utilization.
  • Automate processes: Remove manual data collection, analysis, alerting, and reporting effort for key backup and replication management to drive an efficient, risk-managed, and simplified environment.